Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blossoms to Petals: One fun night of experimenting with flowers

We are going to take a different approach, include more images that accompany the story. If you have been following our flickr account you might have noticed that our pictures are definitely note worthy. We believe that they tell a great story, so here is our attempt to tell you the story of the night not only through words, but through pictures as well.

So as Tamy told us in her last post, we got the incredible inspiration to cook all plates with flowers. Its amazing how common it is to eat flowers. In Mexico its almos a daily staple. Its also incredible to see how many people do not know of the taste potential of a flower. I remember a couple of years ago, walking through a vegetable patch in Colombia, and seeing all the zucchini blossoms being thrown away because the farmers did not even consider this as food. For this dinner we bring you the subtle yet fragrant tastes of the flower
Fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with goat cheese.
The sauce is a chipotle cream.
The batter that was used was a 1 cup of wine and one cup of flour
The parsley was added for presentation as well as an ode to the Italian dish
The main dish was a saffron risotto with shrimp and calamari with a coconut crème
You can see me prepping the dishes and in the background our 4 guests with smiles on their faces as they discuss the deep intricacies of life... that or just enjoying the wine.
Saffron comes from a beautiful flower and delivers an incredible taste reminiscent of a metallic honey. The mixture of saffron risotto and seafood creates a great balance in texture and flavor.
The dessert was a rosebud infused crème brûlée.
The secret to extracting the flavors of the rose, is to let the cream mixture and rose buds sit for about 30 mintues before cooking.
Guido was officially the first ever to take a doggy bag home. He needed extra points with the wife that night... what better way than with flowers in the risotto.

The night was again a true success. The combination of people created a night full of discussions and insights. The guests included a lingerie company executive (with a bag full of lingerie, we actually got a glimpse), a cousin on his way to begin his MBA, a sister-in-law that just became 100% American, and an Advertising executive and contributor to PSFK.

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  1. I love the pics! keep them coming. Not that I don't enjoy your writing and the details that go behind it, but I truly enjoy seeing the food.