Sunday, August 21, 2011




The reason why comfort food taste so good is because its cooked with heart, it uses flavors, ingredients and recipes that have survived years and years, their memory so strong it is still ingrained in our heart, our brains, our bellies.
Chef Sarah Simmons and Chef Felipe Donnelly are joining forces and brining together their most favorite comfort foods from the South. Sarah will be drawing from the US Southern experience, and Felipe from the South American experience, primarily Brazil and Colombia, the two countries most representative of his youth.  While these regions could not be more different, there are universal elements of comfort food that bring us back to the simple, happy times, puts warmth in our hearts and makes us nostalgic (even giggly) about our youth. So come prepared to be drawn back into the past and with new and unexpected flavors and combinations, also be ready to be put back into our contemporary, ever changing and evolving present times.
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Imagining Freshness...

That feeling of serving the last plate and opening up a bottle of wine to sit down with the guests is priceless! I am still savoring it right now.
The night was fantastic, we continued our latest venture of smaller intimate dinners all seated in one long table. The crowd was amazing! Thank you to all the guests for making it such a great experience. I hope you all felt at least a little bit refreshed when the night was over.

I leave you with a picture from last night's appetizer...

Stuffed zucchini blossom with goat cheese and herbs lightly fried in a white wine batter.