Thursday, June 10, 2010

The first Thusrday dinner - A short postmortem

Last night began our Thursday’s @ Worth st experiment! After all the food preparation, we all sat down to eat dinner and Felipe did a short intro, an explanation and description of the plate, the story of why he landed where he landed in terms of the ingredients and combinations of food. As he began speaking, I couldn’t help but notice that all who were seated, slightly tilt their head down, almost as if getting ready for a prayer. Could it be that for Felipe and I, our dinner rituals have become our own little religion we have made up for ourselves? Aren’t our dinner rituals after all, full of faith, flavors, imagination and creativity, all things which we firmly believe in and things that form part of our day to day relationship, our worship.

To add to that, Mireia delivered a speech that was so beautiful. She spoke about her excitement to be part of our new experiment, and how she always looks forward to our new projects. It feels so good to be surrounded by people who take out the best in you.

After dinner, we enjoyed a delicious dessert, which happened to be the first one of Felipe’s that I have tried! (the guy isn’t into cooking sweets, thank god!). Suddenly it occurred to me that a new table we had just bought will be arriving at our apartment this month! While its not your traditional table, it all makes sense to me now why we got it. The table we ordered sits people in two flat benches, feels almost like a picnic table indoors, very communal and open like. Its actually quite perfect and solves for many questions for many out there! So next time people ask, will your kids be raised up Jewish or Catholic, we’ll just tell them we aren’t quite sure yet, but we’ll be sure to sit them down on the bench and teach them the importance of company, ingredients, and imagination. And that is it for now!


  1. I love this idea you had!! Looking forward to cooking your recipes. Besos,

  2. Me fascina la idea y lo maximo que nos den las recetas! Me hacen sentir un poco diminished cuando las comparo con mis cenas pero bueh... jeje
    En serio, que cool! Please hagan una asi en Miami o cuando vayamos a NY.
    Besos y espero que sea un proyecto de mucho tiempo y muchas, muchas recetas.