Saturday, September 18, 2010

The One We've Been Planning for Since Australia...

Before there was a Worth Kitchen, or a Thursday's at Worth Street, this dinner was being planned. The importance that we were putting into this dinner was amazing. We have planned for it for such a long time, and the coincidence that it landed on dinner #15 (please see my old post about creativity and dinner #15) made it all that more perfect.

5 months ago, when Tamy and I got married, we left to Australia for our honeymoon knowing full well that we would be unable to attend the wedding of two very close friends of ours (see default invitees). We made a deal with them that instead of giving each other wedding gifts, we would organize a dinner with amazing ingredients and spectacular wines. And so, here we are 5 months later and the night has finally arrived. Instead of doing it on a Thursday, we changed the day for this week only to Saturday.

So I give you our very first Saturday at Worth Street. The pictures speak for themselves. The theme of the night was "couples". Every plate (with exception of the first) was presented as a couple, in commemoration of both of our weddings.

Setting up the table in the early evening

The table was set, the food was being prepped, the night was just beginning.
Tamy doing her role as the sous chef, prepping all the ingredients. The orange juice would be used for a sauce that would accompany the trout.

Toasted sesame seeds would line the top of the trout.

The first dish was fresh sea urchin with a ponzu sauce accompanying it. Sea urchin is the butter of the sea, absolutely delicious.

The second dish was the Tazmanian trout and the Hamachi with pickled jalapeño peppers.

Dish #3 were two presentations of scallops. On the left, a turkey bacon wrapped seared scallop with a cilantro pesto sauce. On the right, a seared scallop with a shallot champagne vinaigrette.

Plate #4 was a black cod sitting on a aji amarillo based sauce and a sea bass on a mint based sauce. This was accompanied by a squid ink pasta with porcini mushroom and white truffle infused paste.

The 5th dish was a palate cleanser. A watermelon and mint sorbet with a top layer of muscat.

The dessert was a warm chocolate cake with a side of strawberries and cream.

The ideas was to mix them both together for an absolutely fantastic combination.

The night was absolutely amazing. Thank you very much to Myriam and Ramiro not only for your friendship but for your great support throughout this project. May life bring the both of you only the best! Congratulations on your wedding.


  1. Tamy y Felipe. Felicidades !!! Grandes ideas, lindos sentimientos, fun fun... endless fun. Eso es lo que me transmiten. Con este proyecto y el cariño que lo tratan, han demostrado: you truly are an inspiring couple. Felicidadesssss !!! En mi siguiente viaje a NY me aseguraré de que haya un jueves para visitarlos. jiji! besos! Fernanda Espinosa

  2. Felipe, Tamy, muchisimas gracias por la gran cena, la comida estuvo buenisima y como siempre la pasamos excelente con ustedes dos, son una pareja increible, super agradable y nos encanta estar compartiendo esta ciudad y esta nueva etapa de la vida junto con ustedes! Felicidades en este proyecto y gracias por darnos el gran honor de ser los "default invitees"! Felicidades por su matrimonio, les deseamos mucha felicidad. Los queremos, Myriam y Ramiro