Thursday, June 16, 2011

Small Productions Big Taste!

The menu for the June 2nd dinner.
On June 2nd we had the privilege of being hosts to an extraordinary wine distributor called Noble Grape Wines. They have stepped out of the traditional distribution model and really done something amazing. When I think of distribution, especially in the US, I think of a huge white semi rig transporting huge pallets of items. And in many cases, this has been the process for wines in the US. More volume, more sales, more profit. What you miss out on though is the bare essence of the wine making experience. The hard working families that spend their entire lives working on the spectacular wines, every single grape that is in their vineyard goes through their hands. The quality that results is usually spectacular. But we never get to see them because the distribution network is too vast for them to ever make an imprint.

This is where Noble Grape steps in. Their mission is really to take true value in the small wine producer and bring the product into the market and into the hands of the everyday consumer. Their mission statement is:
At Noble Grape Wines, we hand-select high-quality wines produced in limited quantities from the very best regions of the world. For two generations and over three decades, we continue to embark on discovering artisan wineries led by single wine makers that must practice indigenous fermentation methods, sustainable farming approaches, and organic and/or biodynamic principles. The result is our edited selection of thoughtfully made wines of the highest quality and integrity, which are well-balanced in alcohol, acidity and tannins and predisposed to helping nurture and sustain a healthy body and lifestyle.

On our June 2nd event, we had the honor of receiving 4 of the wines they represent:

  1. Mandragola 2006 by Azienda Agricola Paolo Cali' (Frapato)
  2. Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC 2009 by Azienda Santa Barbara (Verdicchio)
  3. Terra de Casteani 2007 by Tenuta Casteani (Super Tuscan)
  4. Tatti 2009 by Tenuta Casteani (Sangiovese, Alicante & Merlot blend)
The wines were simply amazing and their reception amongst our guests was phenomenal.

Usually what I try to do is pair the wines with the food, but in this case, after having tried the wines before preparing the final dinner, I modified the recipes to fit the flavors of the wine. Not many times does this happen, but when it does, it usually offers an amazing experience overall.

Overall we were very happy with the results from the wines and the night turned out to be extremely memorable!

More on the night to follow.

Thank you Noble Grape Wines for allowing us to try your amazing wine selections. Keep your mission alive!

Think big of the small...

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