Monday, July 26, 2010

The Beauty Behind being Sous-Chef

I have one word for you, well, actually two words, a one in two word to be precise which I have grown extremely fond of lately: SOUS CHEF.

Here is the wiki definition for all of you kitchen amateurs:

The sous-chef de cuisine (under-chef of the kitchen) is the direct assistant of the executive chef, and is second in command. Last Thursday, I felt for the first time, I may just truly be the “second in command” at the Worth Kitchen. And although my cooking skills are not nearly as experienced, delicate and refined as Felipe’s, I have to say I am starting to master the role of the assistant and best of all, I am starting to love it!

Beyond the peeling and the chopping, which could potentially be somewhat fun, there is something else I am growing much more fond of, and that is, sharing a kitchen with Felipe. Before this project began, my space in the kitchen was just taking up space, in a very crowded and small NYC kitchen. Because of that, for the most part, I would refrain from stepping in and instead would idly sit by on a stool across the kitchen counter. The only times that I would step back into the kitchen to either set the table or clean the dishes. But before you go judging on the fairness or the unfairness of the splitting of chores, let’s get back to where the real story is, let’s revisit my latest little favorite word…SOUS CHEF! During the last few dinners, especially the last one we had, Felipe has really let me into the kitchen. And I gotta say, the two of us working the kitchen is truly an incredible experience. Given the limited space and the limited time available to execute a three course dinner, all movements have to be completely synchronized. The communication has to be precise and simple, and you have to really put all trust in each other that at the end, everything will taste, look, and smell deliciously.

I love being in the kitchen’s circle of trust, taking sensory leaps of faith, and knowing I can impact the outcome of the food, even it its only a tiny bit. I am happy to assist and shall continue assisting!


  1. compañeros de trabajo, amigos, amantes, queridos, marido y mujer, y ahora compañeros de cocina. El ingrediente perfecto para una vida plena!

    Besote chicos!

  2. No solo Sous Chef tambien escribes divino!!!
    Chef Felipe tus recetas estan espectaculares!!!

  3. mmmm..... tamy felicidades- regina