Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Todo por la madre patria!

Now that Spain has won, and I am writing this on retrospect, it makes it so much more fun! Let me describe a bit of the scenario.

Setting: Wednesday 9:45. I arrive at home, open the door still with my earphones on. I am listening to music loud enough to make me know that when I will get older, and I will be that annoying grandma that can’t hear anything. I look up at Felipe who is seating on the Couch, all concentration is placed on his videogame. We lock eyes and we both know, we have made it through, we can read victory in our eyes! We have made it through the entire day without knowing the outcome of the Spain vs. Germany semifinal game. We had decided to DVR the game and attempt watching it fake LIVE at 10PM that night. It turns out, you can do that here in the States! It was difficult, but not as hard as I though it would be.

So after we saw Spain win, already knowing what the menu for the following night was going to be, we decided to scratch everything and start from the beginning. Felipe, still feeling the glory of the big win, got up from the couch and picked up two thick books on Spanish cuisine. He looked over at me, and we knew, we had some homework to do. We both sat on the bar stools, post-it notes in hand, and began marking “viable” recipes. Hey, could we have done it any differently? After all, Felipe was born there, Spain has never made it to the Finals and the World Cup does happen every four years.

Here is a sneak peek to what ended up being a night full of "Furia Roja!" More to come shortly from Felipe...

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