Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's not called a dinner if it doesn't have an experience...

Dinner #9 was a perfect example of those very special times, when the experience gets right up there with the food, both equally delicious. Our guest had brought over spectacular bottles of wines and the night and all its guests caught complete and utter flow. The experience itself was so good, that at a certain point in the night I had forgotten that we still had to eat dinner, and that the very reason why all six of us where there in the first place, was for a delicious dinner. This doesn’t mean that the dinner is only the excuse for connections to happen and for people to get together, it means that the emphasis is split right in the middle, without sacrificing one for the other – both the experience and the food become king. The fun challenge is, how to excel in both, and that is the challenge for all of our Thursday dinners at the Worth kitchen. I have to say that this dinner was one of the nights to come so close to perfection in both aspects, the experience and the food. Best of all is that two of the invitees were our neighbors and great friends of ours. Funny thing is, they called themselves the “default” invitees, there in case we have a last minute cancellation and where they could just come up a couple of floors and join us. Well, I have to say, this was everything but a default dinner and will probably go down in the Worth books as one of the most memorable ones. So here is to the “default” couple, for managing to up the ante on our dinners and always bringing fun and entertainment to the experience!

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