Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top ten moments from our first ten dinners at Worth Kitchen

While this list could go on and on, since the first 10 dinners really signified the launch of what is now becoming an extraordinary project, we decided to stick to the 10 most memorable moments. It was hard to narrow down, but here they are!

10. Two of our guests meeting and finding out they are about to become next door neighbors

9. Mireia’s toast to our new project during the very first Worth Kitchen dinner

8. Finding out one of our guests worked at the same building as mine

7. Finding out two hours before a Thursday dinner, that we had invited two guests who had just a tiny bit of conflict between them

6. Seeing with my very own eyes, a Philipino dancing even better than a Colombian and a Cuban

5. Finding out there is such a thing as a closeted vegetarian

4. Patron makes a great dinner guest

3. Felipe’s toast to his parents

2. Showing my dad our new NY apartment for the first time, and doing that over a Thursdays at Worth dinner

1. Establishing what is now known amongst our guests as the Thursdays at Worth Street, “the morning after”


  1. It is such a delight to read how much fun these dinners are at Worth St. I loved the combination of food, wines, beautiful table decoration and most important a good conversation among friends.
    I do not know what will come out of these gatherings but what is true, is that the experience of being at a dinner on Thursdays in Worth St. is most rewarding. The hosts are warm and sharp and the atmosphere is fun and profound.
    Maria Margarita


  2. I can't seem to find a way to contact you other than posting a comment, so here it goes.... I'd love to write about your dinners for, either as a guest (is that rude?) or simply interviewing you! Or maybe we can figure out some other fun way to work together. I"m at Erik Torkells, Editor

  3. Loved it! Glad to hear your dinners are going amazing. Wohooo, Congratulations!