Saturday, October 30, 2010

Talkin bout our generation

In his box, he had packed all valuables. He decided to carry the box with only one hand, since the other was busy holding on to his red cape. As he looked down and saw shiny blue, he remembered his superman powers. But he needed to concentrate, watch his step, he absolutely could not trip as he walked down the hall, into HR’s office. This story didn’t really take place, but its one of the stories that one of our guests discussed as a potential real story. His agency was due to have massive layoffs the day after Thursday’s dinner. Regardless of what would happen, we all collectively decided that the best idea moving forward was for him to document it all. Given that the layoffs were tentatively scheduled to happen ONE day before Halloween, we all wondered if HR would really have the guts to fire people in costume.

Yeah, things aren’t so serious, at least they weren’t at our last dinner. Karen, another guest at our latest dinner and a great artist, was telling us of a talk she recently had to give at a Zen House in Brooklyn. Before going on stage to speak , they put her in a room full of people to meditate for half an hour. “People were zipping tea….tea! She told us, “regular art show attendees use Chelsea galleries as pre drinks before going out!” She was skeptical about the whole place and the talk, still, she told people a story and everything was ok. She is also skeptical about the over the top drama usually associated with art and artists and sees art as a more rational process. Ironically her work is about family tension, not an easy topic.

Liza, another one of our guests, came into a stranger’s home, on her own….brave soul! And Lalo told us about music and playing the base in shady Houston basements.

If I had to put a theme to the night, it would definitely have to be PLEASE, DON’T TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY. Truth is, we did put together a group of real laid back people. Truth #2 is, we did drink plenty of wine, yet, beyond the obvious, I do believe our generation has caught on to how absurd everything really is. But this realization does not come to us in a “cut your wrists open” kind of way. The sentiment is not that things are sad because they are ridiculous and we can’t figure them out. It also isn’t about Carpe Diem of any kind, no “screw it all, life is meaningless so I will be reckless”. In fact, I believe our generation is pretty healthy, how else would we enjoy all the absurdity that get’s thrown our way? Perhaps it comes down to being able to learn faster all the good stuff: Good food, good wine, and figuring out EXACTLY what type of company will be good and healthy for us. So thank you Liza, Alex, Karen and Lalo, for reminding us that such is life, and we actually like that way.

- Tamy

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  1. That's true!! after watching van wilder in 2002 i stole his quote about if you take life too seriously you may never get out alive.