Sunday, October 31, 2010

When Demand Surpasses Supply

Thanks to food. curated. for the pic.
There is something about restaurants in New York with a two month reservation wait list that annoys me and thrills me all at the same time. Obviously there is something incredible about the restaurant, especially when its not your over the top Buddakan style restaurant, but more of a low key one with great popularity. However I have yet to make a reservation for a restaurant 2 or 3 months in advance... why? Because its annoying to think that I have to plan my life around a reservation 2 months from now. Regardless, its part of the successfulness of a restaurant in the city and if we were to ever open one, I would love to have a 2 month reservation wait list... (WHAT RESTAURANT OWNER WOULDN'T?)

Well guess what? Worth Kitchen officially has a wait list of 2 months. We are booked until January 2011. And not only that but we have to shift guests and friends around to be able to accomodate for the demand. Also there are Thursdays that due to our real jobs we have to cancel, so instead of canceling we are creating special Saturday editions of Thursday's at Worth Street.

The best feeling that we have from all of this is not an ego boost nor is it the fact that we are actually working on something fun and amazing, its the feeling of responsibility that we have with all our future guests. It feels as if we already have our restaurant up and running and our guests are our clients. 

So, to all former and future guests or those who want to find out what the Worth Kitchen is, thank you. I hope the day that you find a seat in our table, it fulfills all your expectations. 

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