Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From a Crazy Week to Thanksgiving in Mexico

The lights were on, the camera was rolling, the food was being prepped... and then the call arrived that made us jump on a plane within 4 hours. We sent our friends packing up their equipment and taking off, and what would have been an amazing and delicious dinner was left in the freezer.

We have been in Colombia for 5 days an currently sitting in the El Dorado airport in Bogota waiting to take off to Mexico City. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have not even begun to think about the full menu.  But in my occasional check-in to email I found out that we have received +$400 for our charity fund, something that makes us very happy. Especially since it has been unexpected. 

Between tomorrow and Friday we expect much more but this has been an amazing turnout. So to all of you thank you!

For those who are curious, we have two thanksgiving dinners, the first one if for the immediate family (with the exception of my mom who will stay in Colombia during these holidays) on Thursday. The second will be on Friday with a more Mexican theme, with our close friends. The first turkey will be a "italian sytle" turkey with basil, rosemary, white wine. The second one will be a Chipotle & honey base with orange juice. Stuffings TBD.

I wish all of you the best for this Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your friends and family. And always remember to be thankful for everything you have...


  1. Enjoy time with your family and friends! And your Thanksgiving bird sounds so delicious! Happy Thanksgiving, Beto!

  2. Insisto que ustedes dos me parecen una pareja "cañón" son lo máximo y los quiero mucho!!!! Rodrigo Lozano