Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ok, so the bench has its flaws

Though the acquisition of our bench was a good one, during last Thursday's dinner, it became apparent that like everything and anything in life, it does after all have its flaws. Please use the image bellow as a way to illustrate its flaw.

The bench, as illustrated above, does not allow guests to recline. But while the bench is to blame here, I would like to make a point that it is only PARTLY to blame. I would like to bring to everyone's attention the second picture as reference:

As you can probbably tell, this is not the same type of fall. What we have here my friends is the second fall by the same guest who may have had just a tad too much to drink. This dear guest of ours is a guy who has lived in the same cities at the same time that Felipe has, making him an expat companion and another identity wonderer just like Felipe. They both got overly excited to meet yet again at another city, now NY, even if our dear guest was just passing by the city. There were many stories to share and much to catch up on, so we will give our friend the benefit of the doubt. I do have to say that this guest became the first over nighter! We had to put him on the sofa bed since he was in no condition to report himself back to his downtown hotel (yes, it was that bad but we still love him). Here is him and Felipe laughing about the fall in case you were worried our poor guest actually got hurt:

Last Thursday was such an amazing experience and there are so many anecdotes coming out of it that I think I would need about four to five additional posts to do justice to the night. So, in order to recap the highlights, here are some of the crazy things that took place during our last dinner:

Borrowing a roll of toilet paper from our neighbors, speaking about fetishes, forgetting that a guest did not eat meat and having to improvize on the spot (and succeeding in ingenuity!).

To all our guests, thanks for going with the flow, for not taking things seriously and for laughing at your own falls. I raise my glass to your dinner and may the ones to come be just as amusing!


  1. you improvise with genius-osity at every level! TP, non meat and even yet another drunken guest. i myself had to hold the walls of the hallway on the way to the elevator or you would have had 2 overnighters!!

    i remain a devout fan.

  2. who is this guy? i need to meet him!!!

  3. LMAO,, I guess I missed one of the best parts,, I would have died to see that guy fall and Felipe trying to pick him up (if he even did). It was a GREAT night and I had a blast. Thanks again...

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