Sunday, April 10, 2011

Creativity on its way to work

There was a time, not long ago, when creativity became 100% analytical and academic. As soon as we first discovered the word, we automatically fell in love with the concept of it. The more we studied it, the more fascinated we became with it. This fascination got creativity to be center stage at podiums, conferences, blogs. We became so mesmerized with the theory of it that its actual practicality took a back seat. Creativity became that gifted child everyone wanted to stare at, study and analyze. It was at  dinner #35, that I saw it is now finally being put back in motion, we have reached a time, when creativity is back in the drivers seat and if you want to get your hands on it, you’ll have to get them dirty.

Invited to our dinner were all kinds of creative types. Among them Michael Hastings Black, creative strategist for Apple, Maria Popova, founder of Brain Pickings, Caroline Potter, Chief dining Officer at Open Table and Curt Potter, Director of Branding at Blue Point Brewery. As we sat for dinner, the conversation could not have been more unpredictable. Before I knew it, all our guests were submerged in a conversation about farming. Caroline and Curt, we learned, make their own jellies and sauces in a small garden/farm at her Long Island residence. It turns out Maria and Michael had also done some farming themselves and were looking into doing some more of it in the future.  This instantly reminded me of a copywriter at my agency, who recently talked to me about his new found passion for butchering. It also made me think of myself, who has gone from thinking strategy to actually building plates, serving food and seeing the actual product come to life at every one of our dinners. Without me realizing it, just like our guests, I have now become a thinker AND a doer.

Now, could it be that our creative industry is finally getting their hands dirty? Are we starting to do just as much as we talk? Perhaps we’ll start solving more problems and creating more solutions. And while we keep imagining things that don’t yet exist, maybe we are starting to actually build them as well, in a way no one could have imagined. Let the era of creativity begin!

Thank you to our guest who fuel our imagination so that we continue building our ideas.

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