Monday, May 9, 2011

Cinco de Mayo - Event Menu & Wine

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Another dinner has come and gone... and what an amazing one it was. This time around we took the full menu very personally. Worth Kitchen decided to take an American celebration of Mexican culture and bring real Mexican cuisine and wine to everyone. We had the pleasure to serve 50 people in the beautiful SoHo penthouse loft. The menu was inspired not only by street food, but by traditional food you would find in a Mexican home. We decided to take Cinco de Mayo back and celebrate its true flavors.  5 courses spanning the wide variety of food in the country, starting with a ceviche and ending with a tres leches cake with a hibiscus sorbet.

But the food was not the only part of the dinner. In fact the most amazing part was the fact that we were joined by a small boutique winery from the north of Mexico. Bodega Rivero Gonz├ílez  shared 5 of their amazing wines (see menu above for full details). Their wine was, for lack of better words, amazing and completely unexpected. The reception for them was amazing as people fell in love with the wine and the very creative bottle designs. If you ever have a chance, please check out their wines. Well worth it.

Another Mexican aspect of the night was art from a very talented young Mexican artist Karen Dana. Her concept of using small pieces in large spaces worked beautifully. All her pieces following the theme of the night, food and dinner, were exceptional and brought a great vibe to the night.

To everyone that was a part of the magical night, thank you. We hope to see you all again at one of our dinners.

Stay tuned for more of our up coming events!

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