Sunday, May 8, 2011

Worth Kitchen on Vegetarians

For us it is not only our pleasure but a very fun challenge to always provide a vegetarian option for all of our guests. As we just wrapped up our Cinco de Mayo event, it was very fun to figure out a delicious option for our veggie loving guests. Our goal is to make the plate look as close to the omnivore options. Why make the vegetarians feel like they are having a completely different meal?

Well, we think the word has spread around, because the amount of vegetarians that have been coming to our events have been increasing more and more. From having one or two per night to having 11 in one seating is phenomenal. All I can say is that we love having you you at our events!

Check out the amazing review that Jesal from Veggiewala wrote about her experience in the St. Patrick's events in March. 

We look forward to many more vegetarians at our dinners.

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