Sunday, January 16, 2011

Comfort Guests

There is something so peaceful about having people who are very close to us over at one of our Thursday dinners. While our followers react mostly to the idea of dining with strangers, the importance of adding those dear to us to the mix of invitees is a crucial piece to the equation. Close friends and family help level the dinners and make the experience even more authentic. The fact that there are emotional connections that are already pre established brings conversations back to things and people that matter. Be it to family, to friends, to those things that make us happy, they brings us back and connects us to the world. I was lucky to finally have my best friend Paula over to one of our dinners. She had come from Miami to be with Felipe and I over Christmas break and we knew that dinner #29, "Paula's dinner", had to be a very special one! But the funny thing is that there was absolutely no pressure. I did not feel tense at any moment of the night. Having Paula around kept things calm for Felipe and I, it brought it even closer to home. It was good to just sit down, relax and enjoy. And while there were a few guests who we did want to impress (including Paula who had been our virtual Miami fan for all this time!), we kept our calm and things turned out as smooth as can be.  

So to all our dear friends out there, who bring the familiar to the unknown, thank you! You are the heart of what Worth Kitchen is about.


  1. thank you my dear friends for making this so special. I'm so proud of you guys and will be forever a fan & ambassador of this project and you two as a couple starting a journey together. Truly a special night and week spent together. Save the in/outs! Love u!!!

  2. Happy new year to all, and best wishes for a successful 2011!