Sunday, January 23, 2011

Worth Kitchen in Better Weather

Dinner number 30 was a big one. It was the first time we took Worth Kitchen to sunny and weather friendly Miami. It was also a big one because it was the first time my sister participated in one of the dinners, at least with her physical presence that is. Even though she had never actually been a guest to one of the Thursdays, it feels as if my sister has been present all along, she has really been a big and critical part of this entire project. As the talented and creative producer that she is (among many other things), she has been great at contributing and adding to our ideas. Not only that, she gets the stories while they are fresh off the press! Lia has become the perfect person to gossip about the dinners on Friday mornings on my way to work. Oh but it doesn't just end there! my sister also started promoting Worth Kitchen among her Miami friends so much so that as we were preparing for our #30 Miami dinner, it was difficult for her to ONLY pick 12 guests. So difficult in fact, that she had to send a first come first serve email invite to all her friends who followed and liked what we are doing here in NYC. The final picks were a wonderful combination of guests that ranged from older friends of hers who I knew well, to new ones coming to the mix. There was one particular girl, Regina, who really was a true fan. She knew the stories of almost all previous dinners. As the other guests began asking us questions about the project, Regina had the answer for them even before Felipe and I had a chance to respond.
And that's when it hit me, we have long distance fans! Real ones! And more than anything, I have a sister who is a fan of pretty much anything I do.

Por mas locas que sean mis locuras, gracias por siempre ser fan! Te quiero sis!


  1. Tammyy!! muchas felicidades!!! ya 30!!!! que emocion!! muero por estar pronto en una cena ocn ustedes!!!
    te mando un besote! slaudos a Felipe!!

    Lucy Garza

  2. Tamy I love you! I'm a fan not only because you're my sister but because what you're doing is amaizing! Dinner was exquisite that night, Felipe and Tamy choose ingredients that really spoke to the guests' appetites and culinary backgrounds. As we are all fans, expectations were high but you guys lived up to the hype! Felipe had to use a kitchen that was completely foreign to him, as well as all the surrounding factors but he overcame every single challenge with a smile.
    Thank you thank you thank you for bringing Thursday's at Worth Street to us, next time, we hope to break bread with you in New York! You left us wanting more...