Monday, January 3, 2011

Where the world of food and travel collide

One thing I found out during dinner #27 was just how much the travel community and the foodie community have in common. Although we didn't intend for this to happen, it seems like lately we have been attracting a particular group of people: The travel junkies. These are those out in the blogosphere who talk about their love (and to an extent their addiction) to traveling. There is something about the Worth Kitchen and the social and culinary experiments we are doing that attracts many of these travel junkies and I have a hypothesis of why that may be.

Hypothesis: Both foodies and travel junkies live for the taste of the new

Let me explain further. I believe both foodies and travel junkies to have an unquenchable thirst for the unknown. These two groups of people don't just stumble upon new discoveries, these are people who have an ongoing NEED to discovery and to wonder. So while foodies live for that first byte, travel junkies purposely look to feel out of place in order to get in their zone.

During dinner #27, we had the pleasure of having over Kelley from tripfilms , who documented through video our entire dinner experience. She and her boyfriend travel across the country and the world, documenting different ways of living. Seeing them at dinner, taking those first bytes of undiscovered food, I got a pretty good idea of what they must be like when they travel, taking in and savoring all new experiences.

No matter which communities of people we open our door to, we know when they are walking into Worth Kitchen that they are looking for the new, the unexperienced, the never tasted before. Because of this, and while the stakes are high, one of our biggest 2011 resolutions is that we keep surprising all of you. Happy new year everyone, and be ready to for us, because we are ready for you.

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